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For middleware, key applications & operating system Android software is a pyramid for mobile devices. It is a mobile application developed for use on devices powered by Google's Android platform. Some android application are already prepared Android apps are available in the Google Play Store that is also known as android market. In present time android app are the most access able tool for the business & customer because Android application platform opens up unlimited opportunities to be creative and differentiate mobile apps as much you can explore the technical possibilities in the market. In the Google play store there are some android application are free, premium or payable. As a android application development company and mobility solution provider we will take care of entire development cycle from idea generation to App store implementation and ongoing support of the application. Novel web creation strongly believes in our agile development methodology to ensure App delivery is exactly matching with customer desires.

Some Android application Development Services such as:
Android application for Custom App Development
Android Games App Development
Android Client/Server Applications
Android application for Entertainment, Travel and Lifestyle
Android application for Business, Communication and Multimedia Solutions Development
Android application for Promotional, Advertisement and Marketing
Android application for Location-Based Android
Android application for Security
Other Android application

Our Android App Developers can work in virtually every version of Android platform including the latest Honeycomb, Jelly Bean, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, etc. For leveraging Android's best performance for your custom apps designed with an appealing. In short Novel web creation the Android Application Development Company can help you make the most of cutting-edge android features by developing smart apps that synchronize smoothly with both mobile platforms and internet for you. In which part its help you more??
Provide the offer of Ecommerce
Make easy as well as user also
In education segment also offer creative and knowledgeable mobile application
Increase the chances to gain popularity
Show best deals from other option for generating business

Android Apps Application Development
If we look at the most recent industry reports, Android accounts for over 80% of the global smartphone shipments and this number is only increasing day-by-day. Also, nearly 6 out of 10 apps downloaded per mobile device are Android apps.

As the most popular smartphone applications platform worldwide, Android undoubtedly is the LEADER in the space. In today’s fast-paced mobile era, Android offers the global businesses a whole new ecosystem for embodying their innovative ideas and empowering their digital reach. As an open-source platform, Android provides the best of everything that is required to build a winning business mobile application. And the best part is – Android keeps getting smarter, faster and more fluid as the technology advances! With more and more, Android-based smartphones coming out in the market at present, most marketers want to develop a mobile application on the platform for their business. At e-Intelligence, we optimally utilize the best that the platform has to offer in seamlessly creating and marketing your customized Android app that instantly captures the interest of millions of users across the globe.
Partner with the leaders in Android apps development and marketing

e-Intelligence was one of the first few digital marketing agencies to have started working developing Android applications at the time of the release of the platform’s SDK. So obviously, we have the first-mover advantage. Our Android apps developers possess a combined platform experience of over a decade. The development team at e-Intelligence is extremely talented and has a thorough know-how of subtlety needed to design and create beautiful and innovative apps that are compatible across a wide range of Android-based phones.
Creating Android apps that mesmerize your users

The expert developers at e-Intelligence know exactly how to transform your business idea into a revenue-generating app. That’s precisely because when we receive your project, we devise a well-defined and highly-efficient project development and implementation model. After carefully analyzing your project requirements and effectively merging it with your overall business objective and the latest trends in your respective niche, we carve out a winning strategy using our years of experience and unprecedented prowess. When building your app, we spend ample of time and resources on conceptualizing the technical layout, QA and validation on multiple Android-oriented devices. That’s simply because these three are the most crucial factors that decide the fate of your app. All the Android apps that we build are designed keeping your end-user in mind. Our highly skilled designers and developers are committed to offering your app users the best experience. As soon as your business application has been launched and approved, we ensure that it falls right in front of the eyes of your audience and is only a click-away from them. The apps that we create not just look great, but also feature a seamless integration and functioning on the hardware capabilities of any Android-based phone. This advanced business model has enabled us to successfully accomplish a huge number of Android applications across various verticals in the past, and we can do the same for you. With e-Intelligence, you are in complete control of how your Android app is created, released and marketed. You have an absolute freedom of constructing your app development timeline that best fits your marketing plan and calendar. So whether you’re looking for a lifestyle app, an entertainment-oriented / gaming app, an academic app, or an enterprise functionality app, we at e-Intelligence have you covered. 

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Android Apps Development for multiple OS versions
Recognizing the potential of the platform, we offer our Android application services that complement your business. With our ability to deliver operational efficiency, our solutions integrate mobility within your existing infrastructure to provide a competitive advantage. Using the latest technological stack, we execute solutions that help the client in leveraging mobile technology to their advantage. Utilizing the Google SDK, we help you migrate to applications that act as profitable business assets.

Making the most of Android features
Our proficient team of Android programmers is adept in the Android application development process, and thereby is able to deliver comprehensive solutions. The scalable application is designed to extend with the business objectives. Synchronizing with the available applications, Internet and mobile platforms, the developed app improves customer retention.
We develop android applications by using the following components:
Wi-Fi and GPS dependent
Web services
Multimedia support
Google maps

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